This month’s newsletter mentions that due to the “Social Gathering” recommendations we had our Board of Directors meeting using Zoom, and for our next club meeting we will also be using Zoom. On Saturday, May 16 at 9:00 we will be accepting participants to log in and the presentation will be hosted by Mike and Lunetta Knowlton. The meeting will begin at 10:00AM. (No coffee or refreshments will be served!) Mike is preparing a Power Point presentation for all to see and will be the host of the meeting. It is unsure about future meetings, but Zoom allows us to stay in the safety of our homes, yet participate fully in the meeting. Here are some more details about Zoom: Each participant will receive an email with a link in it. (If you are not comfortable with Zoom and need a little more time to learn it, click on the link in your email at 9:00, and we will walk you through a few of the features of Zoom.) Please type in your name. You will then shortly be connected to the meeting with video and sound as you choose. You can use a PC, Mac, iPhone and any other device. Please note that all microphones except Mike’s will be initially muted. You will see a little red symbol of a microphone on your screen, and when you want to say something, press the spacebar (on a PC) and your mic will become active. Alternatively, we may at some time turn on all microphones, but please don’t speak all at once. This may sound a little complicated, but it’s really not. Finally, we will be recording the session for posterity. One more hint: Don’t have any lights on behind you. Use a soft light on your pretty faces so that we can see you!

Also in this edition of the Newsletter, Bill Smith has contributed an excellent discussion of a Fukien Tea Forest on a Slab with detailed instructions and photos.

Thanks to Judy Giandelone for the effort and work putting together this newsletter.