Martha Goff has listed the trees available at Dragon Tree Nursery and identified the Zones that they grow in. Zones are determined by the low and high temperature throughout the year. Most of us in southwest Florida are Zone 9-11.   The further south-Ft. Myers down to Naples-are in Zone 10. Below Naples, Zone 11 and 12 occur.   Inland from Ft. Myers a short distance, we have Zone 9.

The reason identifying a plant’s growing Zone is important is because that is where the plant will thrive.

A little additional, necessary information: If a plant is listed as growing in Zones 4-9 and you live in Zone 9, you might think it will do well for you. It will if it is deciduous like elms or crepe myrtle. If it isn’t dormant during the winter, the Zone 9 is at it’s outer limit and can cause stress and a lack of thriving. I always recommend staying away from these trees.

On the other hand, if the tree is Zone 9-11 or similar, that plant will do well for us because the 9 is beginning of its response to conditions.

I say all of this, so that when you look over the list of trees available at Dragon Tree, you can choose wisely and choose only the plants that will thrive.

Don’t forget to meet us at the Garden Center on June 17th at 8:30 if you need a ride or you are a driver meeting passengers. We will leave promptly at 9AM. Also, remember to bring cash or a check, no credit cards.