Unfortunately, many people have had trees stolen out of their backyards recently. We suspect that this is being done by thieves who know what to look for in quality of trees and value of pots. Click on any photo to enlarge. Please share these photos anywhere you can, and if you have any leads, please send an email to info@bonsaiswfl.org or call 239-935-6850 and leave a message.

Here are some security suggestions.

So sorry to read about these thefts Judith. It’s actually so sad to think that a person can have such little regard for another person’s property.

I’ve been thinking about what members can do in the short term to protect their interests. Here are some suggestions;

1) Purchase a motion sensor and place it strategically inside the garden or lanai. It may work as a deterrent to a would be burglar. Example in the link below.

2) If its a valuable bonsai, one may be able to secure the tree at its base (between the pot and base of tree) with a motion sensing alarm. Example in the link below.

Here is a cheaper version, not to sure if it is weather proof.

3) Not too sure about the effectiveness of this device, but may serve as a deterrent should the thief realize its not going to be as easy as grabbing a tree.


4) This sticker could also act as a deterrent, placed strategically on each pot.