Saturday, July 18th, 9AM, SPALC BUILDING
Summer Intensive continues. I hope most of you received the Ed Trout Critique Sheet that I sent out. I am including another one with this newsletter. This is the sheet we are following to improve our trees.
In June, members brought in trees and we discussed the health of the trees. I hope everyone benefited from the information and the advice was helpful. There was a little bit of design work done but not much.
Toby Diaz from the Miami area will be joining us for this great day. Toby has been doing bonsai for many, many years and is well-respected for his talent and skill throughout Florida. His knowledge working with tropicals is matched by only a few.
This month we are looking at the next 5 items: Balance, Depth, Taper, Movement, and Creativity. Everyone will have a chance to get help from Toby on these specific areas. Remember, you had to participate last month to work with Toby. So bring in a tree, the one from last month or a different one. Bring your tools!
Also, we are providing a pot luck lunch. Everyone bring a dish to share and enjoy a great day of learning and improving our bonsai.
I will see you there. I will have my tree and a food dish. Hope you do too.
Any questions or if you need more info, email me at