Mr. Jeremiah Pearce sent us this email about Basic Fertilizers a few weeks ago. It describes comparisons of three different fertilizers. As a reminder, Martha Goff is our local supplier of fertilizers and her products can be seen at

Here is the body of Mr. Pearce’s email: Good Day, My name is Jeramiah Pearce and I live in Minnesota. I have typed up an article going over the different aspects of fertilizers. I also include a comparison of three different fertilizers that people use to feed their bonsai. In full disclosure, I did create and I do sell a fertilizer product named Sumo Cakes. I would like to share the article with you in hopes of you finding it useful enough to share with your members, either on your website, your newsletter or magazine. I do have it in .pdf format as well as on my two websites. It can be found at as well as If you find the article to be useful for your members you can download the PDF at

Thank you for the consideration.

Jeramiah Pearce