Meeting, Saturday, March 18, 2017

Susan Johnson will be working with the Gmelina Arborea tree at this meeting. (Please be advised that our meeting will be held (this time only) at our previous location at 6281 Metro Plantation, Fort Myers, FL.). Here is a Wikipedia link to the Gmelina tree, a fast-growing and unique deciduous tree.

New Location for our Club Meetings

We are having all future Bonsai Society meetings at a NEW LOCATION: The Berne Davis Gardens in Fort Myers, FL. This location is just north of the Edison Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, FL. The address is 2166 Virginia Ave., Fort Myers, FL 33901. There is some parking on Virginia Ave., but there is ample parking on Larchmont Ave. which is just to the south of the Gardens, and is directly north of the Edison-Ford estates. The exterior walkways of the Berne Davis Gardens offer a variety of trees and plants and by itself is worth seeing. As always, we welcome all visitors regardless of their skill levels in Bonsai as we have many talented teachers who are here to help you learn this Ancient Art. We also have a new Phone Number for more information: (239) 935-6850. This number, however, is largely unattended during the day, so please leave your phone number and nature of inquiry.

Meeting, Saturday, September 17, 2016

As is our new format, we will first work on trees and take advantage of the greatly talented teachers in our club. Bring anything you are working on. Around 10 o’clock we will have our raffle and a short business meeting to discuss the details of our Annual Show in November. Our new venue for the show will be at the Berne Davis park just north of the Edison-Ford estate. The Garden Council’s major project of renovating the building has been completed and may be one of our best venues for our next show. The surrounding gardens are quite lovely, spacious and offer many varieties of plants and trees to see. There is also a very comfortable and quiet cupola in which to relax. The remainder of Saturday’s meeting will feature Phil Krieg who will provide drawing materials and will discuss sketching and capturing images of trees.

Meeting, Saturday, August 20, 2016, 9-12 AM

The August meeting main program will highlight judging techniques and what judges look for. From 9 to 10: If you can, bring two trees with you, one to work on from 9 to 10 and a second “finished” tree to discuss during the 11-12 hour. From 10 to 11: Raffle, Show and Tell, Business Meeting. The main program will be from 11 to 12. Learning how to judge a tree. Bring a tree that is “finished” or fully wired and styled. Each member will receive a critique sheet and 5 minutes to score a tree. A discussion of the tree and the judging will follow. We will move through each tree the same way. The purpose is to learn what to look for in a well designed tree and how to improve each tree.

Meeting June 18, 2016

Meeting: June 18th
Time: 9 AM
Place: SPALC

9-10 AM: Bring trees to work on or receive help.
10-10:30: Raffle and Show and Tell
Bring the Mums back to add an initial style. Review the basic styles of bonsai to choose a direction for your mum. Be sure to bring scissors and wire cutters. Club will take care of the wire. We will have a discussion on how to clean out the mums as they grow, increasing the sun exposure and fertilizing. NO PRUNING UNTIL JULY MEETING. The growth will increase trunk and limb size. Watch for wire cuts. I will bring some sample sizes of organic Acid fertilizer to use for the next month. Mums require an acidic soil.

NOTE: I will be ordering additional mum cuttings after our June meeting for myself. Anyone who would like to get some more cuttings or 1st time cuttings come prepared to get at least 5 at $20.

11:30-12: Business Meeting

1. Mum work
2. Learning to sketch your tree with Phil Krieg. This should be great fun even for those who think they cannot draw. Be brave. Give it a try.

May 2016 Newsletter and Meeting on Saturday, May 21

May 2016 Newsletter and Meeting on Saturday, May 21

The next part of the program is, hopefully, very exciting. All the Chrysanthemums are
SUPPOSED to arrive the first of that week. I will bring them, the pots, the soil and care
instructions. Sue will bring us some grafting tape to bind the plants. All we will do this
meeting is get the plants bound and potted and go over the care instructions. You will
take them home and give them the needed attention. The first step with a plant species
is to keep it healthy and strong. At our June meeting we will see how the plants are
doing and hopefully, move on to the next step of wiring. HERE’S TO A SUCCESSFUL