BCI Auction OCT 8-11, 2020

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BCI will be holding an online auction of October 8-11, 2020 with a wide variety of books, tools, sculptures, tables, suiseki, pots, garments and more. Click on links at the bottom for more information.


This month's newsletter describes the auction scheduled for September 19th and includes photographs of each of the 14 trees. Also, at the end of the attached newsletter are comments about Ginny Boka who is not doing well. Please help cheer her up with anything that you would like to give.

AUG 2020 Newsletter

This Saturday, Aug 15th, at 9AM we will have another virtual Zoom club meeting. We will start at 9AM and at 10AM will have a special presentation by Tony Tickle, a world renowned Bonsai artist and photographer. He is an exceptionally talented person. Don't miss this one! Following Tony's presentation will be our first on-line auction.

Bonsai for Beginners

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This article was sent to us by Jorge Nazario, the BSF President. It's a very detailed treatise on all aspects of Bonsai with a full panoply of subjects: an introduction, history, trunk and Nebari rules, sunlight, fertilizer, watering, insects, moss, Bonsai soil, wiring and that's only half of it! The article finishes with a complete Glossary of Terms. Thank you, Jorge!

Jason Osborne Wiring Presentation

On June 20th, we had our virtual club meeting highlighted by an outstanding presentation on wiring techniques by Jason Osborne. It was very well documented and photographed. To see the entire presentation, go to https://youtube.com/video/a-M6NsPOkog



Unfortunately, many people have had trees stolen out of their backyards recently. We suspect that this is being done by thieves who know what to look for in quality of trees and value of pots. Click on any photo to enlarge.


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