Saturday, July 18, 2015 Meeting at 9AM

Saturday, July 18th, 9AM, SPALC BUILDING
Summer Intensive continues. I hope most of you received the Ed Trout Critique Sheet that I sent out. I am including another one with this newsletter. This is the sheet we are following to improve our trees.

Bonsai Clipper July 2015

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12 Most Beautiful Bonsai Trees

A friend of mine sent me this link of the "12 Most Beautiful Bonsai Trees". I know you will enjoy this.
Click here:

5th Asia-Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation Convention & Exhibition

Phil Krieg has suggested that you would very much enjoy looking at this. Go to:

Bonsai Clipper June 2015

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A Note from Martha about the 2015 summer plans

Well, it is almost here, our summer Intensive Workshop! Come to the June, July and August meeting prepared to work. Bring your tools. Bring your trees. If you want help repotting, bring your soil. If you need wire, the club can provide it. If you draw, bring a sketch book and get help drawing your final design. Bring your camera so you can get a before and after picture.



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