BSSWF Sep 2019 Newsletter

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This month's newsletter discusses the events for Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec. On Page 2 is a discussion on Pest Control by Troy Randall. On Page 3, Jim Gehring discusses basics of Bonsai and Buttonwoods. On Saturday, Sep 21, we have a special guest, Jorge Nazario, the President of the Bonsai Societies of Florida. Page 4 describes a BSF Scholarship Program.

July 2019 Newsletter

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Attached is the agenda for our programs for this year. Coming up soon, on Saturday July 20, is a Root-Over-Rock program. August is for Buttonwoods. Please read for more details.
On Page 2 is a description of our November Bonsai Show. Who, where, what and when. All help is greatly appreciated.

June 2019 Newsletter

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The June 2019 Newsletter describes the June 15th meeting and the upcoming monthly programs for this year. Page 2 mentions Ed Trout, the 2019 BSF Convention, our picnic proceeds, our new storage space, the June 25th demonstration by Jennifer Price, and some advice by Peter Shawinsky. Page 3 is an in-depth discussion about repotting by Martha Goff.

Newsletter April 2019

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The April "Bonsai Clipper" Newsletter describes our Annual Picnic and Auction on the 20th of this month as well as brief descriptions of activities for each month this year. On Page 2, Martha Goff discusses repotting procedures and describes what trees to repot "When Dormant", "Bud Emergence", "After Bloom" and when to repot according to minimum temperatures. It is a very extensive list.


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Attached is a description of our Annual Auction and Picnic. Open to the public. A great opportunity to take advantage of great trees and Bonsai-related items.

Newsletter March 2019

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Here is the "Bonsai Clipper" Newsletter for March 2019. In this Newsletter is a listing of monthly events for 2019, coming events at Wigert's Bonsai Nursery, other miscellaneous info.

February Newsletter

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This edition of the Bonsai Newsletter discusses the February 16th meeting with Mike Lane's PowerPoint presentation, then a list of the 2019 Programs month by month. Also featured is a list of classes at Wigert's Bonsai Nursery, and news from the BSF Convention.

December Newsletter

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This issue of the "Bonsai Clipper" mentions our Christmas Party and miscellaneous news about our recent 2018 Annual Show, and the nominees for Officers and Board of Directors. Martha Goff has again been kind enough to submit an article" "Winter Activites for Tropical Trees" now that we have what we in Southwest Florida call "winter"! (Was down to 49 this morning!)

November Newsletter

This Newsletter lists the winners of our show last week and discusses the topics for our next meeting on Saturday, November 17.

2018 Annual BONSAI SHOW

On SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3-4, we will have our Annual Bonsai Show where we will exhibit a wide variety of Bonsai Trees, Vendor tables, and have several workshops that are open to the public. The gates open at 9AM each day, and on Saturday the exhibit will open at 10AM. The show will close on Saturday at 5PM and on Sunday at 4PM.