Bonsai Collection for Sale

Bonsai Collection for Sale

The attached PDF is from Kelvin Cooper ([email protected]) who is offering an extensive collection of Bonsai trees for sale. Kelvin says: "My wife, Margie, and I are planning to move to Georgia in 2017 and, since the climate is a little colder in the winter, I will be parting with many of my trees! I have put together a brochure of the trees that I would like to sell and have annotated the brochure with "asking prices" that reflect the potential retail value of the trees. Realizing that I am unlikely to get the full retail value, I am open to reasonable offers on the trees and can provide full notes on their history for the time that I have owned them."


My husband and I are about to celebrate our 28th Wedding Anniversary on February 14th. Yesterday I attended the Garden Show in Seattle. I was keen on getting a bonsai plant, but didn't make it back to the booth, as I was with a group. I noticed the vender had a bonsai that was 14 years old. I got to thinking it would be neat to have a bonsai that was 28 years old. If you have a bonsai from 1990 I would Definitely be keen on getting it for our Valentines Anniversary.

Bonsai Wishes,
Cheri Lemley

[email protected]

P.S. I hope you have one, but if not perhaps you could connect me with someone willing to part with a bonsai 28 years young. It will represent family, strength, faithfulness, longevity, and an enduring Love taken care of with nurturing.

i am interested in 2 or 3 trees, i am in atl. ga can you ship

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