Newsletter April 2014

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May 17, 2014 All Day Workshop

In the morning, the first session will be with Ernie Fernandez. Members should bring potential trees. Ernie will critique and tell what needs work during the growing season. In the afternoon is a repotting session with Justin for beginners or those needing help. Also, a "My Tree Needs Help" with Mentor Group. Bring your lunch.

June 21, 2014 All Day Program

In the morning Dorothy Schmitz will do a Juniper Group checkup. Then Ernie will discuss tool maintenance, followed by a tool sharpening session with Krystina Muller. Bring the tools that need sharpening. Krystina will set up in the parking lot. In the afternoon, a "My Tree Needs Help" session with your Mentor Group. Bring your own lunch.

July 19, 2014 All day Shohin workshop

At 10 AM will be a Shohin workshop with Martha Goff, Phil Krieg, Mike Knowlton, Dorothy Schmitz, Ernie Fernandez and Mike Lane. Ten trees will be ready to cut to Shohin size. Then a session with Justin Michael for Style and Wiring, $25 per participant. In the afternoon we will continue with Shohin tress and the "Road to Perfection with Ernie. Any trees that we don't sell or style will be saved for the auction and raffle at our annual show in November.

August 16, 2014 All day Kusamono/Shitakusa with Martha

In the morning will be a session with Martha Goff on Kusamono/Shitakusa. Bring a pot or whatever. Choose from a variety of plants (up to 3) to make the arrangement. $10 per participant. This includes 3 plants and soil. Dorothy Schmitz and Jud Gore will help. In the afternoon will be "My Tree Needs Help" session with you Mentor Group. Bring your lunch.


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